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Hi, my name is Milena. I am a master student in my last semester at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland.

I study design major in digital ideation. 

In the master's program, we got an introduction to machine learning. I found the expert area and the possibilities it offers very interesting. The potential and benefits behind the machine learning algorithm are already being heavily applied by larger companies, such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Spotify, Netflix. But what about other companies that don't have the same resources available? By talking to UX Designers, UX Consultants and Machine Learning Engineers, I noticed that there is hardly any collaboration between those experts. The importance of machine learning for future innovative products and the existing gap of a functional collaboration and project process, led me to dedicate my master project to this area.

Thanks to my three business partners (Zühlke, ti&m and SBB) I was able to conduct more than 35 interviews, six usability testings, one challenging workshop and be part of a design sprint. All results and findings, which were identified, gathered, and produced in the course of my master project, can be found on this website.

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Master Design, Digital Ideation
HSLU, Lucerne

The master combines new technologies with design possibilities. I strategically designed and implemented fun digital experiences, products and services. The end products should always be technically innovative, economically sustainable, socially relevant and human-centered. Some projects were developed and realized in collaboration with research and development and industry partners. 

Since 2020

Video & Multimedia Specialist

iTrust, Cham


Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Production / Media Engineering FHGR, Chur

At iTrust I create, concept and produce videos, images, blog articles, podcast episodes for our social media channels. I support the marketing team with creative and solution-oriented ideas. In addition, I am responsible for the YouTube and podcast channels and help with the maintenance of the company's website.

The bachelor's program was oriented to the growing number of media and channels as well as to the constantly evolving technologies. I learned a profound education in the fields of corporate communications and journalism that was oriented towards the latest trends - with film, text, graphics and audio as means of expression as well as their linking in digital applications. I was able to acquire technical know-how and learned to write, speak, film, design and program in a narrative way. These skills qualify me still today and for the future job market.

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