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A project check-in is a team meeting which is scheduled on a weekly basis. The meeting is designed to help the project team update each other, ensure alignment, and get feedback on their overall performance.

These check-ins provide clarity on each team member's current work activity for the week, bring forward any challenges, promote mutual understanding of each other's area of expertise, and help keep projects moving forward. 


If possible, a project check-in should be conducted once every week. 


Meetings should be between 45 min. to one hour. In order for the meetings to run efficiently, the information to be discussed should be sent to all parties in advance. This allows all meeting participants to prepare accordingly. 


In this meeting it is important that all participants of the projectorganization are present (no client).

Share your experience with me

Since project «Nestor» is an ongoing process there are still many things that need improvement. Every feedback on the content, layout, or display of the information is useful. Questions of comprehension are also welcome or share your experience with me. Every constructive feedback helps me to make my practical master project better.


Your help and experience matters.

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