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An innovative product is never finished. Especially products that contain machine learning technology require regular testing and maintenance to ensure that the developed product will stand the test of time. Therefore, the maintenance process and its responsibility is enormously important and clearly needs to be taken over by someone (project team or customer). However, this does not preclude the project from not being completed. 

At this stage, all services are completed and formally transferred. All documentation is signed off, approved and archived.

The goal of this phase is to ensure that: 

  • All work has been completed according to the project plan and scope

  • All project management processes have been executed

  • All final sign-off and approval has been received from all stakeholders

It also gives the project team and the client the opportunity to review, evaluate, and provide constructive feedback to all deliverables. 

A formal closeout process is very important because without it, there is a risk that important details will fall by the wayside. This can lead to great confusion, an unhappy client, and depending on the case, a liability issue. 

A project closeout helps with: 

  • Repeating mistakes on future projects and goals

  • Having end products or deliverables without adequate support and resources

  • Identifying a team or individuals who will adopt and maintain the product after final delivery

  • Liability issues that arise from incomplete payments, contracts, or deliverables

A clear project completion plan helps to properly hand over the final product to the client. This process ensures that the stakeholders have the information, resources, and training to successfully manage and use the final product. The project closing process also ensures that the project is formally finished and no longer considered a project, so that responsibility can be handed off to the right people to manage and maintain. 

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Since project «Nestor» is an ongoing process there are still many things that need improvement. Every feedback on the content, layout, or display of the information is useful. Questions of comprehension are also welcome or share your experience with me. Every constructive feedback helps me to make my practical master project better.


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