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With the created design concepts and the developed PoC (Proof of Concept) from the second phase, the project team starts this phase together. Since interdisciplinary collaboration between Machine Learning Engineers and UX Design is most in demand at the beginning and in this phase, it is advisable to consider the tips listed below. The goal of this phase is to collaboratively develop the product. This phase should iteratively alternate between developing, testing, and evaluating until a final product is developed that meets the project requirements of the client. 

If the solution approach is the same as the one developed in the Kick-Off-Sprint, the project team starts developing a new digital version of the last prototyp. Of course, the client's feedback at the end of the Kick-Off-Sprint will be taken into account. For this task, the focus is on the personas and the project goal. 

While UX/UI Designers work on the interaction design, information architecture, layout, design guidelines and so on, Machine Learning Engineers train the created machine learning algorithm with real live data. Further, the Machine Learning Engineers help to equip the product with the machine learning technology.

In this phase it is very important that the two disciplines work closely together. Weekly check-ins provide clarity on the current work activities of each team member and bring challenges to light early. The Project Check-In page is supportive and should not be neglected.


As soon as the product meets the customer's project vision and goal, it goes into Phase 4 «Closing + Maintenance».

Share your experience with me

Since project «Nestor» is an ongoing process there are still many things that need improvement. Every feedback on the content, layout, or display of the information is useful. Questions of comprehension are also welcome or share your experience with me. Every constructive feedback helps me to make my practical master project better.


Your help and experience matters.

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