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23. Jan. 2023

All about the presentation

During the week of January 23-27, I took extra time off from work and dedicated the week for preparing my final presentation. I focused on the most important points and tried to make the master project as simple as possible - which sounds easier than it actually is. After all, we have just 20 minutes to present everything to the professors. To get a good and strong start, I even produced a video that describes a typical problem situation. On Wednesday I went to Emmenbrück to the Atelier and exchanged ideas with my peers. The exchange helped me a lot to express the project a bit more simply, so that non-experts can understand my developed prototype.

21. Jan. 2023

Mobile First

Saturday I spent with a friend in the library. I worked all day on adapting the website to mobile version. Especially the process model was a big challenge to present it visually for mobile. This took longer than expected. I also reviewed the worksheets and went through each page again and re-linked them to the created documents.

20. Jan. 2023

Code of conduct + last inputs

Unfortunately, I noticed that I was missing the document on the subject of code of conduct. Therefore I wrote another and hopefully therefore the last worksheet. The code of conduct is not an ordinary code as it exists in most companies, but an explicit code of conduct for the project team. Especially in interdisciplinary collaborations across several companies, a successful cooperation is very important and crucial for the success of the project. I created an additional document containing examples for better understanding. In the afternoon I had a final project exchange with my contact person from ti&m. Thereby I was able to get valuable tips and inputs for my website, which I implemented immediately afterwards.

14. Jan. 2023

Review Worksheets

Since all worksheets were written for the Nestor process, I used the weekend to carefully reread and review all documents. Some time ago, in a Facebook group of UX designers, I asked for feedback on the worksheets I had created. Excitingly enough, a few experts were willing to review my worksheets. This meant that all documents were reviewed at least once by a subject matter expert. I collected the feedback from the UX designers and adjusted it as well.

13. Jan. 2023

User Journey Maps

On Friday I worked out the last two instructions documents for the Nestor process. These were the Current-State Journey Map and the Future-State Journey Map. The first document is a guide for creating a user journey map from the current product situation. This reflects the existing interaction with the user so far. The second User Journey Map, which is also developed in the Kick-Off Sprint in the team, focuses on the product vision. It should visually represent how the interaction between the user and the not-yet-existing product should be in the future. The Future-State Journey Map helps with the roadmap.

8. Jan. 2023

Redesign of the Pages

Since for some test persons the page layout was not quite as clear as I had originally hoped, I decided to choose one column as the page layout instead of two. This way the reading flow is clear for the target group. Furthermore, I thought about how to clearly display the many other important information on the page. So that it is not an information flood, I decided on a design that allows users to get the information by demand. For this I added a kind of file system on each page. It is an interactive box that lists the different subtopics at the top. Once the user clicks on a topic, the related information appears at the bottom. This way the user has a clear overview of all further information at a glance and can easily browse through the information. Redesigning each existing page also gave me the opportunity to review the content, write out the acronym "ML" and highlight important text passages with a thicker font. This task took longer than expected. So I spent not only the whole Sunday with it, but also the Monday and Tuesday evening.

6. Jan. 2023

Usability Testings and Website Adjustments

On Friday I was allowed to do two more usability tests with two project managers. I received various constructive feedback on the content and structure of the pages. Furthermore, I solved the problem with the too text-heavy page as follows: Through a fold-out individual file box system, the user gets a better overview of the page content and more detailed information is available for him on demand. This makes the page look more attractive and the user is not flooded with too much information.

2. Jan. 2023

Business Canvas Model

I dedicated the first Tuesday of the new year 2023 to the Business Canvas Model. With the help of the template I created a first draft of my business idea, respectively how I as a UX Consultant can promote Project Nestor in practice and on the market. In addition, in the "about me" section I added the background story of the Nestor project idea and which methods were used. With this I aim to achieve that I am given a creditability that is justified to me.

29. Dez. 2022

Usability Testings and Website Improvements

In the morning I listened to the second usability testing and wrote down various feedback from it. From the feedback of the test persons I tried to draw measures, which I prioritized according to urgency and importance. Then I started to adapt the measures from the first priority on the website. For example, one feedback was that the website is very text-heavy and it is difficult to read over it quickly to understand the essentials. One measure was to underline important lines in the body text.
Since I was in the process of rereading and reviewing the pages anyway, some of the texts were readjusted.

28. Dez. 2022

Improvements + Additions on the website

Wednesday I spent the whole day in the study library of the Lucerne University. I noticed that the process model "Nestor" did not reflect the intended agility. So I redesigned it and made it more interactive with clickable buttons. To keep the home page shorter, I took out the section with the overview of the process steps including the short descriptions. After that I listened to the recordings of the coaching with Sabine Junginger and the first usability testing again. I noted down various possible improvements from the discussions on a Miro board. Since during both usability tests the video on the front page was not played due to interest and time reasons, I took out the video. I decided to start with the different problem statements that can occur during the interdisciplinary collaboration between UX Designers and ML Engineers. The purpose of this start is to tell a story from the beginning. It should help visitors identify with the problems and thus get an easy entry into the topic and the website.

27. Dez. 2022

Finalization Kick-Off-Sprint

On Tuesday, I finalized the Kick-Off-Sprint. This includes writing the steps, as well as recreating the visualisation. At the end of the day, I went through all four phases again and reviewed the texts.

26. Dez. 2022

Finishing the Second Day of the Kick-Off-Sprint

This afternoon I implemented the discussed feedback from the Data Scientist that I received last Wednesday in the Ideation part. I created a new worksheet, which contains the exact process including steps of the ideation in more detail. I tried to make the document structured with a flow chart and avoid unnecessary details.

21. Dez. 2022

Coachings + Usability Testings

This Wednesday I had a lot going on. At 9:15 I had a meeting appointment with a Data Scientist from SBB with whom I discussed my draft of the Ideation Session in the Kick-Off Sprint. The reason for this appointment was, it was reported back to me in the Challenging Workshop that it is imperative to be considered with data in the Ideation Session. This way, there is a higher probability that possible solutions are generated that include ML technologies. His feedback on the new design helped me to concretize the ideation part.

In the morning I had two more coaching sessions with two lecturers from the HSLU. They gave me valuable tips on the welcome video on the website, the upcoming usability tests and on how to proceed with my project.

In the afternoon, I took public transport to Schlieren (ZH) to conduct two usability testing with two Zühlke employees. I was able to gain very interesting insights from the testings. After a comparison, there were some similarities, but also discrepancies in opinions. As an example: While one test person was of the opinion that the website is too text-heavy, the other person has the point of view that the texts and their length have their justification. With video and audio recordings, I will evaluate the testings in more detail.

17. Dez. 2022

Website improvement

In order for me to be able to give the test subjects certain tasks to do on Wednesday, there are a few things that need to be adjusted and added to the website. The login and the complete member area were not yet in the design of the website. I also revised the listing of all worksheets so that the user gets a better overview of them. What also must not be missing are texts about the benefits and advantages of the process model "Nestor" and the Kick-Off Sprint.

16. Dez. 2022

Preparation Usability Testing

As I am allowed to conduct a usability test with the website on Wednesday with two people from my target group, I use the day to get better in-depth knowledge of the topic, to create a concrete process for it and to prepare questions and tasks. I shared the prepared materials with my instructor to get concrete feedback on the questions/tasks.

I also researched further Creative Thinking methods to implement ML in the solution generation process. The books "Usability and UX kompakt" and "Sprint: How to solve big problems and test new ideas in just five days" were useful sources for this.

14. Dez. 2022

Coaching Session with James Dudley

On Wednesday I had a coaching lesson with James Dudley. In the conversation we focused on the Kick-Off Sprint and what added value it can create. How do I get the participants in my Kick-Off Sprint to generate solution approaches that include ML technologies? We also discussed possible methods to evaluate my prototype again with the target group in January. Unfortunately, this was a question that cannot be answered clearly. He also gave me valuable tips and tricks on how to better present my master project at the Werkschau in June. Examples from practice are very valuable for understanding.

10. Dez. 2022

Finishing Day 1 of the Kick-Off-Sprint

I spent that day in the library working on the instructions for the first day of the Kick-Off Sprint. I created a new subpage, linked it on the website accordingly and created various worksheets for more detailed information on the individual points in the sprint. It is very difficult not to make the website too text-heavy, but the users need all the important information for a successful implementation, which is no small feat.

8. Dez. 2022

Feedback Implementation

Thursday was Mary's Conception and therefore a holiday. On this day I created a new draft of the Kick-Off-Sprint, taking into account the feedback from the Challenging Workshop with the SBB team. I also started to implement the Kick-Off-Sprint with graphics and explanatory texts on the website. Through the host Wix I improved the complete appearance of the website by optimizing various texts SEO-wise.

5. Dez. 2022

Challenging Workshop with SBB

On Monday, I got to go to Bern to conduct the Challenging Workshop with an assembled team of UX Designers and Data Scientist from SBB. Within two hours I presented my master project and explained my developed kick-off sprint in an interactive way using a practical example. After each sprint day, feedback was gathered from the participants. All in all, the workshop was successful and I was able to get constructive and critical feedback on the sprint from experts. On the same evening, the feedback was catagorized, prioritized and measures were derived from it.

4. Dez. 2022

Coaching Dr. Marcel Uhr

On Sunday morning, I was allowed to ask Marcel for final input on my prepared workshop, which I will be conducting with SBB the next day. One input was that I should mention the benefits for UX designers and ML engineers after the workshop part. This gives the participants the chance to see for themselves the benefits of the Kick-Off Sprint. Even better is if the participants speak out and thus emphasize the benefits during the workshop. Another tip from Marcel was to open the feedback round at the end of the workshop with the following question: Can you imagine testing the Kick-Off Sprint for a concrete project? With this question, the theoretical Kick-Off Sprint is put into the context of practice and becomes more real.

30. Nov. 2022

Coaching Yaniv Steiner

The coaching with the designer, developer and lecturer Yaniv Steiner helped me to sharpen the process and the kick-off sprint more clearly. What are the concrete benefits and advantages for UX designers and ML engineers? What is the added value and how do I want to get it communicated? I incorporated the insights from the coaching lesson into my project and the presentation for the Challenging Workshop.

We also talked about possible design solutions for the toolkit. He proposed the idea of the IDO card game. Thereby he put my initial idea of the toolkit into a new perspective.

27. Nov. 2022

Preparation Challenging Workshop

In preparation for the Challenging Workshop with SBB, I put together the workshop content in a PowerPoint presentation. I concretized the process and tried to introduce a practical example with a use case. I also thought about which elements I could include for more interactivity.
All the important information was captured in the presentation in a visually appealing way and in understandable language.

26. Nov. 2022

Kick-Off-Sprint Draft

I spent the weekend bringing the ML and UX part together in a kick-off sprint. It was important to me that both parties are well represented in the sprint, divided by tasks but acting as one team in the sprint.

23. Nov. 2022

First Iteration of the «Kick-Off-Sprint»

On Wednesday I had two different appointments, first with an ML Engineer and then with a UX expert to evaluate the newly developed "Kick-Off Sprint". After I walked them through the sprint we discussed various optimization points with each other and additions were made. Also, a graphic was visualized to complement the process model. The goal is to show at one glance what is different about this process model and why it can be interesting for potential project managers.

20. Nov. 2022

Bringing UX + ML together in a Kick-Off-Sprint

From the two sprints, I developed a first draft in the Miro Board. I realized that before the Challenging Workshop with the SBB team, I would like to discuss and optimize the design with an ML Engineer. For this reason, I set up an appointment for next Wednesday, November 23, with an ML Engineer.

Further, I set up a rough agenda of the Challenging Workshop and thought about the following questions beforehand:
- Who will participate in the workshop?
- What are their expectations of me?
- What are my expectations of the workshop?
- What is the goal of the Workshop?
- What do I want to find out?
- How do I make it interactive?

I would like to discuss my workshop draft with my speaker Dr. Marcel Uhr in the coming week and get his feedback on it.

I also created another information document on "6 Steps to Close a Project" and linked the document to the "Phase 4 - Closing & Maintenance" page.

19. Nov. 2022

AI Kick-Off + Worksheet Personas

Since I want to bring both areas (UX and ML) together in my Kick-Off-Sprint, I tried to compile the AI kickoff of ti&m from the conversations I had, or to determine which steps are taken and which information could be relevant for ML engineers in a sprint. For this purpose, I rewatched the interviews and conversations i had with ML Engineers and noted important steps in the Miro Board.

I also created a worksheet for creating personas and a persona template. It is important to me that visitors of the website have it as easy as possible to put what they have read into practice.

18. Nov. 2022

Design Sprint Review

Yesterday's first day of the Design Sprint has been carefully reviewed and captured on the Miro Board. Since I only had the chance to experience the first day of the sprint, I had to try to put together the remaining days from scientific internet research. For this I read various articles from the internet and bought the book "Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just 5 Days" by Jake Knapp developer of the Design Sprint.

17. Nov. 2022

Design Sprint at ti&m

At ti&m, I got to be part of the first day of a design sprint with one of their clients. Since the customer and their data is sensitive content, I am not allowed to go into more detail about the project here.
The day was very informative and gave me a good insight into the practice. In total we were 12 participants (including me) - from ti&m side there were two UX designers (junior and senior) and two engineers. Project owner and project manager from the client and five key people from practice. After a short introduction to today's sprint and introductions, we worked on the project context, trying to work out the target group, respectively the personas and their needs. Since the target group was very broad and therefore complex, we focused on one primary persona and kept the other personas and their needs in mind as deltas. After that, we dealt with the process that we were going to digitize in the project. Depicting the process on the basis of a user journey turned out to be very complicated and complex. Accordingly, this task took more time than planned. Therefore, we took up this task again after lunch. Afterwards, the previously created GUIs were discussed in the plenum. Topics or ideas that led to extensive discussions throughout the day were captured via Post-Its on the "parking lot", a flip chart. At the end, the Post-Its were divided into priorities and assigned to the respective persons for clarification. The idea behind the "parking lot" was to be able to interrupt lengthy but important discussions and pick them up again at a later time. This does not hinder open communication and at the same time supports time management. Shortly before the end, feedback was gathered on the first day of the Design Sprint.

16. Nov. 2022

Working on the Toolbox

That evening I worked on the toolbox, or rather focused on the problem area of group dynamics. In the database I created the different problems. I gave each problem at least one tag. I deliberately kept the tag selection small, i.e. for the problem area "group dynamics" there are the following three tags: conflict management, team identity and team member. The linking with the database on the website worked well. However, I did not manage to add the filtering options through the created tags. Unfortunately, my research on the web host portal was unsuccessful. Because of the advanced time, I had to postpone this task until next time.

13. Nov. 2022

Worksheets Review

The three documents prepared, Usability Testing, User Stories and Executive Summary, were carefully read through and checked for possible errors in content and writing.

12. Nov. 2022

User Storys + Executive Summary

I used this rainy day to write the two worksheets on user stories and the executive summary. At first I confused the Executive Summary with a Project Summary. However, after more research, I discovered that the two documents are not the same and there are important distinctions. Although both documents are summaries, the Project Summary deals with detailed information such as roles, milestones, budget, etc. and is used more as a project tool. It provides the project stakeholders an accurate overview of the current status of a project. On the other hand, an Executive Summary deals with the four most important points of a project assignment: Problem Statement, Goal and Vision, Value and Benefits and Conclusion. Furthermore, the document is written at the beginning of the project and should primarily serve all project stakeholders as a quick overview of the upcoming project.

9. Nov. 2022

Phase 3 + Usability Testing

Gathering informationen for the third phase «Prototyping + Development» was a bit more difficult than expected. I was able to get the information from the first few phases from the interviews I had conducted and supplement it with other scientific resources. But for the third phase I had to search the internet, because I have not conducted many interviews regarding this phase. What I will definitely do in the future. I also created a worksheet on how to plan and conduct a usability test and what to consider.

6. Nov. 2022

Filming the Welcome-Video

Since it was pointed out to me in the last coaching that the welcome page seems very text-heavy and overloaded with information, I decided to film a welcome video. The goal of the video was to welcome the user to my site and to explain in short sentences my master project Nestor and its goal.

1. Nov. 2022

Simplify prototype

Since there was criticism in the last midterm presentation that the prototype of the process model was too complicated, I set myself the task of simplifying it. After some sketches on paper, I realized that it is more comprehensible to repackage the process steps into "phases" than to depict a flow process. The last interview with the ML engineer helped me to implement the activities of ML into the project process in a more prominent and understandable way.

26. Okt. 2022

Interview about the initialphase with ML engineer from Zühlke

The feedback on the current prototype helped me a lot to better understand the ML Engineer's perspective. She is now the second expert to point out to me that in a project process they already conduct a kind of ML kick-off with the customer before the official start. The kick-off is a kind of workshop and is very similar to the design sprint. That idea got me wondering if I can link the two and create a sprint/workshop that combines the topics of ML and UX?

26. Okt. 2022

Midterm presentation

Today, several students who will graduate in February presented their master's project at HSLU in Emmenbrücken. So I was also allowed to present the current state of the project. The feedback i received was the following: I need to think a bit more about my target group and for whom i am creating the process model. Is it the UX designer, ML engineer, or the project manager/owner? Next time I should also take more time to explain the prototype and the website step by step. I need to think about whether I should make the content available for free on my website, or whether interested parties should at least create an account so that a community can emerge. The process model is currently still too complicated and should be self explanatory in a few steps and only explained in more detail at second sight. I am still a bit unsure how to implement this feedback but i am sure i will find a way.

25. Okt. 2022

Creating and implementing the feedback form

Before I can publish my website, it is important that a feedback form is visible in the different subpages. The goal is to keep the hurdle to give constructive feedback as low as possible. After creating the form, I noticed that only 10 forms can be integrated on a website, otherwise you have to pay for the form plugin. For this reason, I decided to add a button with a link to the feedback module on the subpages.

19. Okt. 2022

Subpage Budget Proposal

Creating this subpage took a lot of time, as there are already countless reliable sources on this topic. The content is based on interviews, scientific books and reports of experiences.

14. Okt. 2022

Interviews at ti&m

In the afternoon I had the opportunity to have two conversations (remote) with ti&m employees. From the UX Team Leader I got another opinion on the initialization phase to implement it later in the prototype. Through the conversation with a ML Engineer, I tried to figure out how to integrate the ML field even more into the process. For this, I focused the conversation on the challenges that ML Engineers have in interdisciplinary collaborations during a project process.

14. Okt. 2022

First meeting for prototype "ML Toolbox"

In the morning i got the chance to exchange Ideas with a ML engineer. The goal of the conversation was to find out if she or someone who she knows would like to work with me on the toolbox, or to be more specific about equipping the toolbox with ML technology. It turned out that using ML technology for the toolbox would make it too complicated. Therefore, she advised me against it.

11. Okt. 2022

Setting up website: Lightbox + About me

This evening I worked on the website itself. The goal is to publish it in one week. The website does not have to be picture perfect - far from it. It has to be usable and the visitors should be able to give me feedback on the prototype the projectmodel and the website itseslf. This should be communicated in a clear way - therefore I added a lightbox so this will be the first thing ausers sees when one enters the website. I also added some content to the chapter "about me".

5. Okt. 2022

Interview initialization phase with SBB

My contact at SBB explained to me how they execute the initialization phase at SBB, what is functioning well and where there is room for improvement.

30. Sept. 2022

Discussion challenging workshop with SBB

With my contact at SBB we discussed about the possibility to do a challenging workshop on my prototype.

28. Sept. 2022

Interview initialization phase with Zühlke AG

My contact at Zühlke AG explained to me how they execute the initialization phase at Zühlke AG, what is functioning well and where there is room for improvement.

23. Sept. 2022

Interview with iTrust AG

For this interview I asked the owner and chairman of iTrust, about their initialization phase. Since iTrust also works interdisciplinarily with ICT engineers and coaches on projects and carries out digitization projects for various customers, it was exciting to learn from him how they proceed in more detail. Another focus point was their approach in the offering phase and budget planning.

6. Sept. 2022

First Meeting with SBB

Discussion of a possible collaboration

24. Aug. 2022

A day at afca.

I spent a whole day at afca, where I was able to attend some project meetings, observe and ask the employees questions afterwards. Since afca. is a company that produces innovative projects with virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality, the focus of the interviews was mainly on their project process. It came out that before the project start the first meeting with the customer and the budget planning is very crucial and for this reason should get enough attention. After lunch I did a presentation about my masterproject and we exchanged ideas about it in the plenum.

12. Aug. 2022

Ad-hoc interivews at Zühlke AG

I spent half a day at Zühlke and was able to ask various employees questions about their current and past projects. The focus was on the challenges and problems they had to overcome when working interdisciplinary. It was agreed that my contact at Zühlke and I would station ourselves in the Zühlke canteen. Throughout the morning, he sent me exciting people to my table, whom I was allowed to interview for my work. In total there were 6 people. Since I only knew at the time when the interview partners sat down opposite me, who I had in front of me, it was accordingly challenging to ask the persons the appropriate questions.

5. Aug. 2022

Discussion research method interviews with Marcel

Discussion of the research method interivews and how to proceed correctly - what needs to be considered. Feedback on interview questions.

29. Juli 2022

First Meeting with afca.

Discussion of a possible collaboration

22. Juli 2022

First Meeting with ti&m

Discussion of a possible collaboration

8. Juli 2022

First Meeting with Zühlke

Discussion of a possible collaboration

22. Juni 2022

Project research in June until July

8. Juni 2022

Project start

At first coaching session with Marcel B.F. Uhr we discussed shortly my written thesis, which i handed already in in february 2022. What where the challenges and improvements. We also talked about my vision of the masterproject and what needs to be done to realize it. Furthermore, various questions regarding a partnership with companies were clarified.

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