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Bringing UX + ML together in a Kick-Off-Sprint

20. Nov. 2022

From the two sprints, I developed a first draft in the Miro Board. I realized that before the Challenging Workshop with the SBB team, I would like to discuss and optimize the design with an ML Engineer. For this reason, I set up an appointment for next Wednesday, November 23, with an ML Engineer.

Further, I set up a rough agenda of the Challenging Workshop and thought about the following questions beforehand:
- Who will participate in the workshop?
- What are their expectations of me?
- What are my expectations of the workshop?
- What is the goal of the Workshop?
- What do I want to find out?
- How do I make it interactive?

I would like to discuss my workshop draft with my speaker Dr. Marcel Uhr in the coming week and get his feedback on it.

I also created another information document on "6 Steps to Close a Project" and linked the document to the "Phase 4 - Closing & Maintenance" page.

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