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Design Sprint at ti&m

17. Nov. 2022

At ti&m, I got to be part of the first day of a design sprint with one of their clients. Since the customer and their data is sensitive content, I am not allowed to go into more detail about the project here.
The day was very informative and gave me a good insight into the practice. In total we were 12 participants (including me) - from ti&m side there were two UX designers (junior and senior) and two engineers. Project owner and project manager from the client and five key people from practice. After a short introduction to today's sprint and introductions, we worked on the project context, trying to work out the target group, respectively the personas and their needs. Since the target group was very broad and therefore complex, we focused on one primary persona and kept the other personas and their needs in mind as deltas. After that, we dealt with the process that we were going to digitize in the project. Depicting the process on the basis of a user journey turned out to be very complicated and complex. Accordingly, this task took more time than planned. Therefore, we took up this task again after lunch. Afterwards, the previously created GUIs were discussed in the plenum. Topics or ideas that led to extensive discussions throughout the day were captured via Post-Its on the "parking lot", a flip chart. At the end, the Post-Its were divided into priorities and assigned to the respective persons for clarification. The idea behind the "parking lot" was to be able to interrupt lengthy but important discussions and pick them up again at a later time. This does not hinder open communication and at the same time supports time management. Shortly before the end, feedback was gathered on the first day of the Design Sprint.

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