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Improvements + Additions on the website

28. Dez. 2022

Wednesday I spent the whole day in the study library of the Lucerne University. I noticed that the process model "Nestor" did not reflect the intended agility. So I redesigned it and made it more interactive with clickable buttons. To keep the home page shorter, I took out the section with the overview of the process steps including the short descriptions. After that I listened to the recordings of the coaching with Sabine Junginger and the first usability testing again. I noted down various possible improvements from the discussions on a Miro board. Since during both usability tests the video on the front page was not played due to interest and time reasons, I took out the video. I decided to start with the different problem statements that can occur during the interdisciplinary collaboration between UX Designers and ML Engineers. The purpose of this start is to tell a story from the beginning. It should help visitors identify with the problems and thus get an easy entry into the topic and the website.

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