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Midterm presentation

26. Okt. 2022

Today, several students who will graduate in February presented their master's project at HSLU in Emmenbrücken. So I was also allowed to present the current state of the project. The feedback i received was the following: I need to think a bit more about my target group and for whom i am creating the process model. Is it the UX designer, ML engineer, or the project manager/owner? Next time I should also take more time to explain the prototype and the website step by step. I need to think about whether I should make the content available for free on my website, or whether interested parties should at least create an account so that a community can emerge. The process model is currently still too complicated and should be self explanatory in a few steps and only explained in more detail at second sight. I am still a bit unsure how to implement this feedback but i am sure i will find a way.

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