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Redesign of the Pages

8. Jan. 2023

Since for some test persons the page layout was not quite as clear as I had originally hoped, I decided to choose one column as the page layout instead of two. This way the reading flow is clear for the target group. Furthermore, I thought about how to clearly display the many other important information on the page. So that it is not an information flood, I decided on a design that allows users to get the information by demand. For this I added a kind of file system on each page. It is an interactive box that lists the different subtopics at the top. Once the user clicks on a topic, the related information appears at the bottom. This way the user has a clear overview of all further information at a glance and can easily browse through the information. Redesigning each existing page also gave me the opportunity to review the content, write out the acronym "ML" and highlight important text passages with a thicker font. This task took longer than expected. So I spent not only the whole Sunday with it, but also the Monday and Tuesday evening.

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